The Canari Jr. is the latest innovation from Canari Systems.  It is a lightweight alternative to our other CMMS systems that will satisfy the needs of many smaller environments.

Standard Features of Canari Jr. 

Process Monitoring

Canari Jr CMMS

Monitor all of your process’s vital details with an easy to use software
package that connects to Banner
radios. All information is displayed
directly on your computer using your
favorite web browser – no internet connection or additional hardware required.

Remote View

Canari Jr CMMS

Any other computers connected to the local network can also view this information. Our unique software allows you to monitor your process 24/7 from virtually anywhere.

Additional Features 

Data Logger

Canari Jr Data Logger

Create daily data logs for some or all of your monitored points. Simply check the “Log Data” box on the setup screen and enter the sample time (1 – 3600 seconds). A daily log file will be created and stored on your hard drive. The log is in csv (comma separated value) format which is easily opened by Microsoft Excel. Use Excel to create graphs, analyze data, create reports, etc.

Email Logger

Canari Jr Email Logger

Set up e-mail alerts to send a notification message to your e-mail or smart phone when any condition goes into Alarm or Warning. The ability to configure up to three shifts each with two unique e-mail addresses. Keeps you informed of critical process conditions.

Easy to Use – No Programming Required

There are only 3 simple steps to configure Canari Jr. to match your Banner Radio network.

Step 1

Select the process variable from a drop down box.

Canari Jr CMMS Setup

Step 2

Set the Radio ID, IO point, assign names.

Canari Jr CMMS Setup

Step 3

Set warning and alarm points.

Canari Jr CMMS Setup

Ready to go!

Canari Jr CMMS Setup

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